Al Olaya Project

  • Type

    Fully Automated Parking

  • Sector

    Parking Management System

  • Country

    Saudi Arabia

  • City


  • Year


Al Olaya Project

The case study was on 4 different zones on a very busy area that faces a problem of having very less parking spaces in Riyadh – KSA.


MRS provided the solution of implementing a Fully Automated Car Parking System and a Traffic Engineering Study on each of the 4-Zones to reduce the traffic, and provide more parking spaces at that area.

The quantities of car parks on the 4 zones after the implementation of our Fully Parking System (Parkule) are as follows:

  • Zone 04 – Plot No. 12: 191 Parking.
  • Zone 02 – Plot No. 04: 366 Parking.
  • Zone 04 – Plot No. 13: 191 Parking.
  • Zone 04 – Plot No. 15: 924 Parking.