Emirates Financial Tower

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Emirates Financial Tower

This is a “Fully Automated Solutions” project executed for Emirates Financial Towers in DIFC in 2011. MAG Royal Solutions managed the full installation, operation and maintenance of this project.

About This Project


3B+G+P+27 floors twin tower.
Basement area: 96m x88m= 8448m2.
Ground floor area: 5400m2.
Podium area: 7300m2.
Number of parking required: 1408 car spaces.

Shortage Solution

To compensate the shortage we need to add 525/180= 3 Basements reaching to Basement 6 with total depth of 19m and we lose the retail of GF and Podium. The solution is to introduce the Fully Automated Parking System FAS 1000. The new set-up is as follows:

Guinness World Record Award

Largest Automated Parking Facility

The Emirates Financial Towers in Dubai, UAE, boasts a state-of-the-art automated parking facility capable of storing 1,191 cars, covering a net internal area of 27,606.14 m2.

This modular parking system excels in multiple, simultaneous rapid pallet movements and is meticulously programmed to handle a peak capacity of 360 cars per hour.

The project was successfully completed on 26 June 2011.