• Type

    Fully Automated Car Parking System

  • Series


  • Car Weight


  • Width

    210-240 cm


This unique solution provides more parking capacity in a limited space by replacing the ramps and the driving lane by automotion components such as Lifts, Shuttles, Entry-Exit Rooms with Software designed for of cars.

Parkule solutions are advanced but simple user interface so users can quickly park and retrieve their car.


  • 50% reduction in the required parking area, compared to the conventional parking.
  • Solution that can be installed on the ground or underground; adapting to the unique building necessities and constraints.
  • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
  • EN 14010
  • CE Certificate
  • Ease of finding parking space exactly at the desired location without having
  • Suitable for disabled people, easy parking at the large entry room. and without using inconvenient ramps and corridors for getting to/exiting from the parking floors.
  • Safe and secure parking away from risks such as theft, accidents, etc.


  • Minimum personnel requirements.
  • Ventilation, lighting and energy savings. (No exhaust gas emission, no people inside the parking lot).
  • High security and safety level allowing for less insurance cost.
  • Optimal parking and retrieval time.
  • Environmentally friendly solution.