Parkonfor 110

  • Type

    Parking System with Pit

  • Series

    Parkonfor 110


Parkonfor 110 is a semi-automatic car parking system that allows vehicles to be parked independently and side-by-side on two parking floors, by taking advantage of the single empty space at the entrance level to allow for the sliding movement. On the parking floors where the ceiling height is limited, a second parking floor can be arranged at the pit level.


  • Comfortable and independent parking, without the need for any system operator.
  • Unique maneuvering comfort at the entrance of the parking lot from the corridor; as the parking system doesn’t include any columns between its platforms.
  • Easy access to the platforms thanks to the low slope platforms’ entry edges.
  • Comfortable walking and driving thanks t the flat platform sheets.
  • The capacity of the two-story parking unit is up to 10 side-to-side grids.
  • A hold-to-run or other optional automatic operation modes are in use, in addition to the user-friendly touch screen control panel.
  • Wide access openings thanks to the optional multi-panel doors.
  • Since the Parkonfor 110 is a pit-type parking system, the pit’s safety is ensured by using sliding doors at the entrance level.
  • Optionally, the doors and system can be controlled through remote controls.