Parkonfor 11

  • Type

    Parking System without Pit

  • Series

    Parkonfor 11

  • Car Weight

    2200 - 2800 Kg

  • Width

    230 - 270 cm


Parkonfor 11 is a semi-automatic car parking system that allows vehicles to be parked independently and side-by-side on two parking floors, by taking advantage of the single empty space at the entrance level to allow for the sliding movement.


  • Comfortable and independent parking, without the need for any system operator.
  • Unique maneuvering comfort at the entrance of the parking lot from the corridor; as the parking system doesn’t include any columns between its platforms.
  • Easy access to the platforms thanks to the low slope platforms entry edges.
  • Comfortable walking and driving thanks to the flat platform sheets.
  • The Capacity of the two-story parking unit is up to 3 consecutive rows and 10 side-to-side grids.
  • A hold-to-run or other optional automatic operation modes are in use, in addition to the user-friendly touch screen control panel.
  • Wide access openings thanks to the optional multi-panel doors.
  • Optionally, the doors and system can be controlled through remote controls.