Parkist 222C

  • Type

    Parking System with Pit

  • Series

    Parkist 222C

  • Car Weight

    2200 - 2800 Kg

  • Width

    230 - 270 cm


Parkist C Series independent mechanical parking systems with pit that carry cover platform at the entrance level move down and up. Thanks to cover, vehicles can be saved like in closed parking garage comfort, vehicles can be parked on or used part of landscape area and architectural esthetic preference.

Using the system in succession, vehicles can reach the back systems through the cover at the enterance level.

Standard parking space capacity of 2.200 kg /car and unique option 2.800 kg/ car.


  • The system provides 3 times valetless capacity increase with independent parking utility.
  • As the vehicles are parked underground, they are sheltered outdoors without any risk.
  • Provides passage and parking on cover.
  • Cover can be paved according to the constructional and architectural preference.
  • Innovative plain platform surface design makes both walking and driving more comfortable.