Parkist 11

  • Type

    Parking System with Pit

  • Series

    Parkist 11

  • Car Weight

    2200 - 2800 Kg

  • Width

    230 - 270 cm


• Indoor & Outdoor usage.
• Single platform.
• Double capacity.
• Economic and User friendly.


  • The system provides independent parking utility by placing the vehicle on the lower platform.
  • The system increases the efficiency of your parking area by creating an upper floor for short-term users and a lower floor for permanent users.
  • By raising the lower platform, the vehicle on the pit can be retrieved and parked comfortable and easily; without having to replace the upper vehicle.
  • Innovative plain platform surface design makes both walking and driving more comfortable.
  • The valet service is not required as the drivers can park themselves comfortably in the system.